The mission of NEF is to provide promising, but disadvantaged young women with opportunities to expand their outlook, education and skills so that they can positively shape their futures and their communities.  We envision a world that values education for all, and shares the responsibility for educating our youth so that we all may live to our highest potential.


why support girls education

For the poor around the world survival is a day-to-day concern. Inter-related socio-economic and cultural factors (i.e. poverty, early marriage/ pregnancy, child labor, adult illiteracy, etc.) prevent many children – especially girls – from finishing school. Despite high attendance levels in primary schools, only about ¼ of girls in rural Kenya go on to high school. In addition, the schools are overcrowded; they lack electricity and running water and they do not have enough learn materials or teachers. Yet, many sources, including the UN, recognize that education is one of the best ways to reduce poverty, gender inequality, the spread of infectious diseases (i.e. HIV/Aids) and to improve life prospects for not only for women but for future generations as well. NEF is giving girls and young women the opportunity to attend school and build confidence and skills for a brighter future. 


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