The Nasirumbi Education Fund (NEF) was started by Jessica Peyla Nagtalon in partnership with the Kenya-based Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship (CABE) at Busijo Secondary School in May 2012.  Born in response to a community’s plea to promote ‘girl-child’ education, NEF strives to enhance learning conditions and improve access to education for young women so that they can positively shape their futures.


With generous support from sponsors in the United States and Europe, NEF operates a comprehensive sponsorship program at Busijo Secondary School in Busia County, Kenya near Lake Victoria.   NEF offers scholarships, new uniforms, shoes, books, solar lanterns and feminine supplies, as well as mentorship and trainings to build self-esteem, good values, leadership and livelihood skills for female high school and college-bound students. We work closely with school administrators, teachers and parents to provide a conducive and safe learning environment, and to customize support to have a greater impact.