To achieve its mission and vision, NEF has set the following objectives and core activities with direct input from the scholarship beneficiaries, their guardians and their teachers.  



  • To improve access to secondary and tertiary education for hard working but disadvantaged young women by providing financial (i.e. tuition) and material (i.e. books, uniforms, lanterns) support.  


  • To build confidence, self-worth and self-reliance in young women such that they take ownership for their educations and futures.  This can be done through mentorship and advocacy projects/trainings.


  • To improve learning conditions, both at school and at home, and community awareness about the importance of education, equality in education and life-long learning.  Under this topic, we include parent involvement in students’ academic success; efforts to outfit schools with books and learning materials; improving school-home life balance; and cultural exchanges, like the pen-pal project.


  • To provide meaningful and valuable livelihood skills for youth through ‘learning by doing’ such as income generating projects, field trips/days and intergenerational skills/knowledge sharing.


  • To build leadership potential and community spirit so that the students become active members of society and reach out to others, and so that young women especially do not fear speaking in public (and speaking their mind).  


  • Monitoring – the beneficiaries and their parents complete an evaluation form after each term. The students meet with NEF’s field officer and the Advisory Committee at least twice per year, and more often as needed.